Permanent Residents


Zach is a special boy.  I found him at a horse auction when my girls begged me to take them in the back. There was Zach, terrified, emaciated and full of ticks.  He tugged at my heart strings.   Something came over me and I knew we had to take him home and bring him back to health.

My daughter and I wrestled with him for a good 15 minutes before we could get him secured to walk to the trailer (I was completely unprepared for this).  I brought him home and my saint of a husband didn’t make me sleep in the barn.  

After a short period of time passed one of our horses opened the barn gate and let himself and Zach out.  My daughter and I went after him and it just scared him into the woods.  We spent 30 days trying to catch him, and finally were successful.  

Zach was a bit of a local celebrity and was even invited to the local Fall festival.  He has made enough of a recovery to do animal encounters at nursing homes and he has even been to the farm store.  He has really turned around into a sweet boy!

Zaccheus is our rescue mascot and ambassador and will be a permanent resident here. 


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