Gods Grace Animal Rescues Board and Volunteers

Gods Grace Animal Rescue is based largely on our volunteers and our Board of Directors. Our volunteers are not paid and do this out of the kindness of their hearts, based upon their dedication to the Rescue and the animals we serve.

Lynn Fozzy

Board Member

I am a long time animal lover and always remember my mom nursing animals back to health. It gave me a passion for helping animals. My husband made my dream come true of having my own animal rescue. I truly love what I do and every animal that comes in. I’m so thankful that God have me the passion to take in neglected animals, and that he has blessed our rescue so much. I’m truly thankful for everyone that helps keep my dream going by volunteering!

Tanya Toole

Board Member

I grew up in the country in a little town in IL. I have always had a love for animals, we had horses when I was young! I worked various office jobs thru the years while raising my son by myself. I got married to my wonderful husband when I was 37 and moved to MO. I quit my job and became a full time babysitter for my grandkids for close to 13 yrs. which I loved doing! I am at a point in my life that I can pursue a passion I have always had…helping animals! I help the rescue in any way that is needed! I am currently fostering an amazing thoroughbred for the rescue…which has also been a dream of mine.

Shelby Coxen

Board Member

I am a mother of two, a wife to an amazing man, and a grandmother to the most precious little girl. Along with Sophie (dog), Tippy (cat), and Felicity (cat). I have always had a love for animals even as a child. I remember living in the country and begging my mom for a piglet that the farmer up the road was going to slaughter because of it being the runt. She gave in and we rescued him and any stray dog, cat and even turtle that wondered around our area. I was also blessed to help our neighbors with training and showing dogs. I have rescued all of our animals from shelters because I believe they all deserve to live and be loved. I have always wanted to do more in helping animals. I love all creatures and believe even squirrels and rabbits and any animal deserves to be rescued. I am truly blessed to be part of a wonderful group that makes this possible.

Karyn Costanza

Board Member

My first love was a horse and I am sure my last love will also be a horse. Southern born and raised, happily living in the Midwest for going on 14 years now and happily engaged to my best friend. I love to help out with animals here and there and have many fur kids of my own. I have volunteered with several organizations while living in the Midwest and work for a not for profit organization as well. I don’t want to just see a change I want to be a part of the change and it all starts with love. God’s Grace puts that love into each and every animal that is rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed and I am honored to be able to be a member of this organization.

Patrick Parks


Patrick parks is our official rescue farrier. He is always ready to lend a hand and trim whatever animal I have taken in this time. He takes care of our horses, donkeys, goats, sheep and even our mini zebu steer! We truly appreciate all he does for us!

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